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We are a packaging consultancy, creating value by reducing damages and enhancing customer experience for your packaging.

We deliver this through our team of structural designers and project managers using a 4 step packaging design process:


Understand your current shipping and omni channel environments.


Define the fragility of the product or products in question.


Select the appropriate packaging material for short and long term success.


Verify the packaging to your own customers packaging standards.

Perfectly packaged

Purpose built packaging solutions.

With the unprecedented growth we have seen globally over the last 2 years within ecommerce, a popular question that gets everyone thinking is: Is your packaging fit for purpose?

For many businesses selling through onmi channel, the answer may fulfill retail requirements, but not e-commerce. The simple reason is that many take for granted the differences between the two supply chain networks and do not realise the impact until the customer experience is affected drastically.

We develop solutions, covering the entire spectrum of your packaging needs. Our aim is to evaluate and work as your consultants, looking at your current and future packaging requirements and recommend how savings or improvements can be achieved, whilst helping you implement the best packaging solution for your product(s).

Optimising packaging and ensuring maximum customer experience are the key to our approach.

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