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At Pack It In Solutions, we understand that shipping your product through different supply chains is a challenge and getting it all the way to your customer in perfect condition is an ever moving obstacle.

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One of the biggest challenges suppliers face is the question of how well the packaging will protect the contents when going through the post, shipped on own vehicles or an unknown carrier service with multiple touchpoints.

As part of our consultancy, our team of experts will ensure that with any packaging that is reviewed the following considerations are always made:

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In traditional brick-and-mortar retail, most products are packed on pallets and shipped in bulk from a distribution center (DC) to the retail store. The model is streamlined, linear, and simple. The journey taken by a product through the e-commerce supply chain could not be more different.

An e-commerce package is handled 20 times more frequently on a journey from the DC to the consumer’s home than when it is transported on a pallet to a retail store. With each of those touchpoints presenting an opportunity for the item to be dropped or damaged, e-commerce supply chains demand much higher tolerances for packaging robustness and product protection. This is where the Pack It In Solutions team is able to provide guidance, offering impartial advise and packaging recommendations based on experience and expertise.

Packaging requirements are highly individual depending on regions, sectors, and customers. The world of packaging can be segmented into three levels:

1. Primary packaging: The packaging that is housing your product, often referred to as the ‘consumer’ or ‘retail’ packaging (e.g. a corrugated box containing a lamp & its accessories)

2. Secondary packaging: the outer carton (transit) and filler material designed to contain multiple primary packages, maintaining their original condition (e.g. a carton enclosing bottles of wine)

3. Tertiary packaging: this consolidates multiple primary and secondary packages to facilitate handling, transport, and storage (e.g. a pallet loaded with multiple cartons)

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